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Heritage Care Inc. is a non-profit healthcare organization located in Hyattsville, an increasingly urban section of Prince George's County, Maryland, just over the border from Washington, DC. Since its establishment in 1996, Heritage Care provides skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services through qualified healthcare professionals.

The management team and staff have developed an excellent reputation in the community due to our comprehensive scope of services and superior care. Together, we provide respectful and caring assistance in a clean, warm, and friendly environment.

Heritage Care Inc. is also the site of curriculum-based clinical training for healthcare occupations, such as Nursing and Physical and Occupational Therapy, under agreements with institutions of higher education.

Heritage Care Inc. also owns and operates a community child care center with the capacity to provide training opportunities for child care providers and with the capacity to provide therapy to disabled and developmentally-challenged children.

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Heritage Care Inc
4922 LaSalle Road
Hyattsville, MD, 20782
United States
Call: +1 (301) 779-8653
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