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Nursing Scholarship Grants

  1. General Information and Timeline

    Scholarships are basically grants given to students to assist them in achieving their educational goals. Unlike loans, scholarships come from sponsors who donate a sum of money to help students to pay for their dues. Every year Heritage Care, Inc. (HCI) awards two Scholarships to HCI and NMS employees to help them achieve their educational dreams. The winners s of the Scholarship are announced at the awardees' Christmas Party.

  2. Application requirements

    To be eligible for the Scholarship Award the applicant must meet the following requirements:

    • Have worked Full-Time status for Heritage Care, Inc. or for one of NMS Healthcare facilities for 1+ years
    • Have no disciplinary actions in their personnel file within the last 12 months
    • Must intend to make a career in the healthcare profession
    • Must work for Heritage Care Inc. or one of NMS facilities for one (1) year after receiving the degree.

  3. Application Instructions

    To be considered for the Scholarship Awards the applicant must:

    • Complete the Application Form
    • Provide an essay explaining why the applicant deserves the scholarship
    • Provide written recommendations from two (2) supervisors
    • Provide current contact information and update information as needed

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