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Educational Programs
Heritage Care, Inc. routinely runs training programs to improve the skills and credentials of our employees. These classes are available to individuals who wish to fulfill continuing education credit hours to improve their credentials.

Heritage Care, Inc. is also affiliated with many colleges and universities. It provides area nursing and therapy students the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience and to learn from our professionals while fulfilling their school's internship requirements.

Certified Geriatric Nursing Assistant Training program

A Certified Geriatric Nursing Assistant is a person who assists individuals with healthcare needs with activities of daily living and provides bedside care under the supervision of a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse.

Geriatric Nursing Assistant Training program

This Maryland Board of Nursing approved program follows the qualifications of a Certified Geriatric Nursing Assistant, with a focus on health concerns of the elderly. The students are taught the specificities of caring for a geriatric community, in addition to the standards for the certification exam.

Feeding Assistant Program

Residents in Long Term Care facilities in the State of Maryland deserve quality nursing care, which includes assistance during meal times. Many residents do not need the skills of Geriatric Nursing Assistants nut require assistance that can be provided by another trained individual.

This program meets the federal requirements for feeding assistant training. It is designed for any individual who will be feeding residents in a long term care facility. It includes information about all the topics required by the federal rule as well as other information that is useful and important for feeding assistants to have along with practical exercise.

Topics included in the training:
1. Changes in the Elderly
2. Recognizing and Reporting Changes in the Elderly
3. Feeding Assistant Duties
4. Proper Feeding Techniques
5. Feeding Residents with Dementia
6. Nutrition and Hydration
7. Infection Control
8. Resident's Rights
9. Communication and Interpersonal Skills
10. Food-Borne Illness
11. Safety and Emergency Procedures including the Heimlich Maneuver

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