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Nursing Education Programs

In accordance with our mission and our vision, Heritage Care, Inc. provides a variety of Maryland-certified nurse training programs to create new opportunities in healthcare for both our employees and members of the local community . These classes are available to individuals who wish to gain a new certification or to fulfill continuing education credit hours to improve their credentials.

Heritage Care, Inc. is also affiliated with many colleges and universities. It provides area nursing and therapy students the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience and to learn from our professionals while fulfilling their school's internship requirements.

CNA/GNA Nursing Assistant Training Program

Heritage Care provides free nursing assistant training to our team members that are interested in entering the field of healthcare.   In accordance with our workforce development mission, we also partner with local companies and organizations to provide free nursing assistant training to members of our community that aspire to work with our organization as geriatric nursing assistants.  Graduates of our program are certified nursing assistants (CNA) and are recognized by the Maryland Board of Nursing.  

CNAs that graduate from the Heritage Care program also have the opportunity to take the National Nurse Aid Assessment Program and become a geriatric nursing assistant (GNA).  Once a CNA passes the written and clinical component of this exam, he or she will be qualified to work with elderly patients in a long-term care facility.  Please note that graduates of our program are required to maintain employment in our facility for at least four months after receiving their license.

CNA/GNA Training Program for ELLs

Heritage Care has partnered with Employ Prince George's to offer a nursing assistant training program specifically for English Language Learners (ELLs).  This course is taught in English but at a slower pace than our traditional course and also includes English language tutoring.  The English language tutoring is not apart of the actual class curriculum but is offered for free to participants outside of regular class hours. If you are interested in participating in our program, please fill out an interested candidate form by clicking on the button.  

Note: This course is solely offered to residents of Prince George's County.  Please contact us for more information.  Interested applicants can register by clicking on the button below

NNAAP Regional Test Center

Heritage Care is one of four sites in the state of Maryland to offer the NNAAP exam.  Our status as a Regional Test Center allows for any community member that holds a CNA certification to test and attempt to obtain a GNA license.  Community members that participate in one of Heritage Care's nursing assistant programs are given the opportunity to practice in the same skills lab where they will eventually take the NNAAP exam.

To register for the NNAAP exam at Heritage Care, please click on the link below.  A test schedule for all regional test sites can also be found below.  It is important that you know the training code of the institution where you received your CNA training.  When filling out Section 5 on page 3, be sure to put "Hyattsville" for the Permanent Test Site Location.  If you have any further questions, please contact us using the Contact Us tab at the top right of the page.  

Feeding Assistant Program

Residents in long-term care facilities in the state of Maryland deserve quality nursing care, which includes assistance during meal times. Many residents do not need the skills of geriatric nursing assistants but require assistance that can be provided by another trained individual.

Heritage Care's Feeding Assistant Program meets the federal requirements for feeding assistant training. It is designed for any individual who will be feeding residents in a long term care facility. It includes information about all the topics required by the federal rule as well as other information that is useful and important for feeding assistants to have along with practical exercise.


Topics included in the training:
1. Changes in the Elderly 
2. Recognizing and Reporting Changes in the Elderly 
3. Feeding Assistant Duties 
4. Proper Feeding Techniques 
5. Feeding Residents with Dementia 
6. Nutrition and Hydration 
7. Infection Control 
8. Resident's Rights 
9. Communication and Interpersonal Skills 
10. Food-Borne Illness 
11. Safety and Emergency Procedures including the Heimlich Maneuver

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