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Healthcare Services

The specialized treatment options provided in our clinics cover a wide range of healthcare needs that serve a diverse population. The specific services offered include:

○ Patients seeking comprehensive care for acute illnesses, injuries or diseases receive goal orientated inpatient care from a range of specialized sub-acute nurses and therapists.
○ The Heritage Care rehabilitation team includes skilled occupational therapists, speech language pathologists and physical therapists as well as sub-acute care nurses.

Our team of skilled therapists provide treatment at the pediatric level to a wide variety of children with both physical and mental developmental disabilities.

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Heritage Care Inc. is dedicated to providing professional healthcare services to the community by promoting careers in nursing, occupational and physical therapy and associated occupations.

About Us

Martina Garcia believes that everything happens for a reason and the reason for all of the things happening in her life is because she has confidence in herself, she cares not only for her job but also for the patients

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