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Heritage Care provides a diverse selection of educational services to our community specializing in workforce development, disease and illness prevention, and community integration. The specific education services include:

Heritage Care facilitates curriculum-based clinical training for institutions of higher education and other educational institutions. This program offers qualified training to more than 40 national and international institutions.

○ Employees working in entry level positions and members of the community are able to interview for a position in a free CNA/GNA Apprenticeship program.

○ The apprenticeship allows those that are interested in a career in healthcare to receive free training that ultimately certifies graduates as CNAs/GNAs.

○Heritage Care runs a complete school with beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes. Each level contains three cycles that together, span over the entire academic year. There are five separate classes that allow for students to choose a time that is most convenient for them.

○ Students have access to request a free private tutoring session with the instructor to receive further explanation regarding material that they do not fully understand.

Preventative Health Education

○ Heritage Care has teamed up with the University of Maryland, Amerigroup and other healthcare experts to offer free informative seminars on important topics such as diabetes, heart disease, food and nutrition, sex education and other topics.

○ During many of the seminars, we check participants’ weight, body fat percentage, blood pressure and blood sugar levels to inform them if they may be at greater risk of disease due to their current vital readings.

Heritage Care offers citizenship preparatory education for immigrants aspiring to become U.S. citizens. Students participate in a 14 week course that provides instruction on American government, American history, and civic participation.

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