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Nursing Scholarships & Grants

General Information and Timeline

Our scholarships are awarded to students to assist them in achieving their educational goals. Unlike loans, scholarships come from sponsors who donate a sum of money to help students to pay for their dues. Every year Heritage Care, Inc. makes ongoing efforts to provide a grant-funded scholarships for at least two aspiring healthcare professionals.

Application requirements


To be eligible for the Scholarship Award the applicant must meet the following requirements:


  • Have worked Full-Time status for Heritage Care, Inc. for 1+ years*

  • Have no disciplinary actions in their personnel file within the last 12 months

  • Must intend to make a career in the healthcare field

  • Must work for Heritage Care Inc. or one of partner facilities for one (1) year after receiving the degree.

   *Applicants from the community may be accepted under individual basis. 

Application Instructions

  • Complete the Application Form

  • Provide an essay explaining why the applicant deserves the scholarship

  • Provide written recommendations from two (2) supervisors

  • Provide current contact information and update information as needed

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