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Heritage Learning Center

Our Learning Center provides quality child care to children aged three months to five years in a safe, fun, healthy and nurturing environment. It is regulated by the Maryland Office of Child Care and licensed by the state of Maryland.
Our philosophy is based on the belief that each child is a precious, gifted individual with unique capabilities and talents. Our center combines a well-trained and creative staff with a warm, loving environment to provide children with social, physical, emotional and intellectual development. In addition, our student to teacher ratio is designed to ensure that each child receives the attention they deserve.

Heritage Learning Center can accommodate 45 children and accepts all children aged three months to five years, regardless of sex, creed, race, ethnicity, country of origin, handicapped status, or medical condition; provided the established program meets the needs of the individual child with reasonable accommodations.

For more information visit Heritage Learning Center website: www.heritagechildcare.org

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