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H1B Filing Document Checklist

  • Updated Resume (including detailed description of employment history & academic achievements)


  • Copy of all educational documents (diplomas, transcripts, certificates, memberships, etc.)
  • Copy of US Visa Screen or equivalent certification for Healthcare workers


  • Copy of US license to practice occupation
  • Copies of all pages of passports for you and each family member who will join you in the United States


  • Copy of the front and back of Form I-94 (Arrival-Departure Record) for you and each family member, if you are in the U.S.
  • Copies of all US immigration related documents (including US visas, all “INS” approval notices relating to current and prior nonimmigrant work authorization in the U.S., etc.)


  • Copies of your most recent pay stubs (past 3 months) from current employer
  • Current and former F-1 students only: Copies of all Forms I-20 (A-B), visa, and EAD documents (if applicable)


  • Current and former J-1 visa holders: Copies of all Forms IAP-66/DS-2019, and evidence of waiver of foreign residency requirements (if applicable)

*    Upon preliminary review, you may be asked to provide additional data to support the application. 


What is the reason for H1-B approved only for one (year)?

The relevant USCIS memo that says that a person can be approved for H-1B status in a licensed profession if the only thing that prevents the person from having the license is the lack of a Social Security number.  However, such H-1B approvals, according to the memo, should be for a year only (the policy being that the person is given a year on the H-1B to complete the licensing requirements - as opposed to being able to practice the job unlicensed for 3 years).

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