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Martina Grace Garcia, PT Rehabilitation Manager
Martina Grace Garcia is a registered Physical Therapist from the Philippines. She graduated from the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, a reputable medical school in her country where she acquired her theoretical mastery of therapeutic concepts.

In 2009, she came here to the United States of America to take the state licensure for Physical Therapist where her diligence, determination, and perseverance proved her worthy of a license. It was also in the same year that an opportunity to land a PT positions at the NMS Healthcare - St Thomas More in Hyattsville, Maryland came as a challenge. She gathered all her school and personal documents and immediately applied for the slate. It was fortunate that Heritage Care Inc. was very responsive as they started processing her working visa and it was in 2010 that the stroke of her luck began. From then on, good blessings has been coming her way.
The NMS Healthcare acquired an extension facility in Hagerstown, Maryland where she was given the responsibility to be the Assistant Rehabilitation Manager handling the Rehab Department. Not long after that, the Rehab Manager left and Martina then was given the main task to steward the Hagerstown Facility.

There is a saying that "with big positions come big responsibilities" and Martina embraces such but she does not mind that at all because she has been used to handling various tasks from her previous employment . She also believes that everything happens for a reason and the reason for all of these things happening in her life is because she has confidence in herself, she cares not only for her job but also for the patients that they are catering to and most of all, because her efforts are being recognized and are acknowledged by Heritage Care and NMS Healthcare with whom she is very grateful to.

Martina Garcia, PT
Rehabilitation Manager
NMS Healthcare
Neiswanger Management Services

Flordeliza Flores
Heritage Care is one of the most culturally diverse organization that knows no boundaries, nor color, nor age. Thus has given a lot of career opportunities to most professionals from all over the world and I'm happy to share that I'm one of them.

I am a double-degree holder having BS Psychology with MA in Industrial Psychology as my foundation before I decided to pursue education in medical-science which is Nursing and graduated in 2005. This has opened the door of opportunity to land a job in the U.S. I spread my wings so-to-speak and found Heritage Care to hire and sponsor me and my family, the very reason why I am here now.

I have worked as a charge nurse before I was moved to MDS Department, a separate nursing entity in-charge of facility’s business objectives. Currently as MDS Manager  my understanding of the U.S. healthcare system has widened.

This  job was a paradigm shift as it taught me to develop a balanced outlook between excellent nursing care and meeting the facility's financial goal capturing higher reimbursement possible.The company was generous enough to send me to a certification classes challenged the exams and now I am RAC-CT (Resident Assessment Coordinator-Certified) and AANAC (American Association for Nurse Coordinator) member.

Last year, I helped in creating a tool for making ADL scoring much improved by the program called “ADL Assessment Sheet” initiated by all admitting nurses before ECS. Now with ECS, continuing education was done initially yet needs to be followed up regularly as proper documentation is always the key. Ultimately, this career enables me to provide quality and holistic care to residents while keeping in mind the company’ financial objectives.

On a personal note, this opportunity definitely helped provide a quality future for my family with growing children and continue my career in healthcare.

Thank you.
Flordeliza Flores, BSN RN, RAC-CT

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